Friday, 6 August 2010

Nendoroid Kotobuki Tsumugi

2nd nendoroid!

picked her up together with Azu-nyan.

once again, from K-ON!, here's Kotobuki Tsumugi!!

2010-08-04 mugi 01

with her keyboard.
2010-08-04 mugi 02

2010-08-04 mugi 03

2010-08-04 mugi 04

2010-08-04 mugi 05

2010-08-04 mugi 06
this is actually the face where you can replace her eyebrows with lemon strips. but it was too troublesome for me. HA!

tea-time anyone?
2010-08-04 mugi 08

2010-08-04 mugi 09

2010-08-04 mugi 11

2010-08-04 mugi 12

i love this pose. kawaii~
2010-08-04 mugi 13

sad to say, there's nowhere to pose Mugi on my table except by the laptop.

2010-08-04 mugi 14

i shall try to find more interesting places to pose them for their future escapades.

realized why it was so hard to get the girls to stand upright. being the novice that i am, i wasn't using the stands correctly! only found out yesterday when i was searching the internet on how to troubleshoot the problem with the stands.

if you look at my previous photos, here's what i did wrongly,
1) positioning the girls with the "cat's ears" facing them. WRONG!
2) fitting the attachment part upside down on the rod. DOUBLE WRONG!!

this is how the stand should be assembled.
proper stand position 02

the upper attachment part is supposed to fit below the skirt. not used to hold the legs in place!

here's the correct position from the back.
proper stand position 01

proper stand position 03

now they can stand without much problems.
2010-08-05 azu & mugi 02

this goes to show you can't assume that One Piece Styling stands position can be used the same way for the nendoroids.

in any case, Azy-nyan is happy now.
2010-08-05 azu & mugi 03

and so is Mugi-chan.
2010-08-05 azu & mugi 04



陳慧真 said...

err.. the lemon strips r to place on that mugi's face.. not to replace..

she DOESNT have eyebrows on that face!!!

and.. issit lemons or pickles??

Roar Roar said...

er, yah. it's to place. not replace.

fine. she doesn't have eyebrows.

and it is lemon slices. not pickles.

陳慧真 said...

so cute naaaa....

but no.. no place no place no place..