Saturday, 21 August 2010

Reborn ONA

a ONA was recently released that involves the Vongola 10th family going on a trip around Japan.

the highlights, for me, can be summed up in two points;
1) onsen
2) ten-year bazooka

for some reason, the girls end up serving in the onsen ryokan.
reborn OVA-01

rejuvenating at the onsen.
reborn OVA-02

surprise guest.
reborn OVA-03

surprise guests.
reborn OVA-04

Varia desu~
reborn OVA-05

Squalo doesn't like sharing.
reborn OVA-06

reborn OVA-07

reborn OVA-08
water fight!
reborn OVA-09

Hibari sends Levy flying.
reborn OVA-10

Squalo VS Hibari. ^_^.``
reborn OVA-11

the ten-year bazooka goes crazy.
reborn OVA-12

Hayato ends up with his 4-year old body.
reborn OVA-13

Ten-Years-Later guardians~
reborn OVA-14
OMG! they look so good together~

TYL Ryohei!
reborn OVA-15

TYL Takeshi!!
reborn OVA-16

TYL Hayato!!!
reborn OVA-17

more Hayato~
reborn OVA-18
*note: subs is wrong. should be Systema C.A.I.*

more Hayato~~
reborn OVA-19

reborn OVA-20

and finally, TYL Varia!
reborn OVA-21

oh Squalo, i'm liking you more and more.
reborn OVA-22

Xanxus too.
reborn OVA-23

but the TYL guardians were transported back before they could fight.
reborn OVA-24

Squalo doesn't care. obviously.
reborn OVA-25

Tsuna finally decides to step in.
reborn OVA-26

by freezing everyone with the Zero Point Breakout, first edition.
reborn OVA-27
not really a smart move since he himself is caught inside it.

and we see Reborn's real reason for choosing the onsen ryokan.
reborn OVA-28
does the box animals even need to enjoy an onsen?

this ONA is really fanservice.

'nuff said.

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