Monday, 24 March 2008

wisdom tooth: the end

the minute i sat on the dentist chair, the jolt of fear clung on to me.
my hands started trembling slightly.

and it didn't help that 3 LA needles were sitting on the tray beside me.

thankfully, aside from the initial LA, my mouth was already numb as the dentist cut opened my gum and started yanking my tooth out.

although, he had to give me another LA cos i could still feel pain after the first few yanks. but all in all, it was a rather short procedure. and he didn't even have to use the drill to split my tooth.

anyway, i left the clinic heavily-laden with antibiotics and painkillers, with a numb half hamster-liked face (only the right side was swelling), and the inability to speak properly.

it's been 2 hrs since the operation. the LA is wearing off and the pain is coming back to me. intensely.

and i'm still waiting for the area to stop bleeding.


Thursday, 20 March 2008

wisdom tooth

3 years ago, on 8 Mar 2005, i went for an extraction for my lower left wisdom tooth.

horror of all horrors, it is happening to me again.

3 years later, on 24 Mar 2008, i'm going for another extraction.
this time, for my lower right tooth.

incidentally, it was also in the same month.
why is it that everytime i start a new job, i have to christen it with an extraction. (i had just started work in jan 2008)

3 years...

short enough for me to remember the extraction procedure.
yet long enough for me to forget the pain, sensation-wise.

albeit, i think my 1st time was much much worse cos my gum infection was really very bad.
(i had waited quite long before i convinced myself i needed to see the dentist den.)


hope this time will not be as painful...
*cross fingers*