Friday, 20 February 2009

One Piece #389

random screencaps from ep389.
(taken from Kaizoku Fansubs forum)

no, Sanji is not kicking himself.
OP 389-01

and look at the obvious differences in their faces!
OP 389-02

not that it's not hilarious anyway. heehee.

they had Seki Toshihiko to voice Duval, AKA guy-who-looks-like-Sanji-in-bounty.

most would probably remember him fondly as Sanzo in Saiyuki. i think it's rather fitting a character, given that Duval does eventually become a "bishonen".

courtesy of Sanji of course.

Monday, 16 February 2009

my new lovelies~

after making the effort (i even had to endure the 20min walk from Kallang MRT cos i missed the shuttle bus and was running late) to go down to Kallang Leisure Park last friday to get my latest One Piece gashapons, i thought it was only proper that i blogged about what i bought.

the One Piece Unlimited Cruise Location part 2 collection, complete with 2 secret variants of Luffy and Chopper, seen below in the middle.

i know i've put up random collections as i've bought them, eg. GSD petit studio, other OP collections, but i've never listed all of them before.

inspired, i shall try in my next entry, to "introduce" all my existing collections, including my mobile straps collections, if i manage to sort them out properly.

as of my latest collection, i have a total of 12 sets of OP gashapons and/or figurines.

my pride and joy would all be revealed soon.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

new layout

have been wanting to upgrade the layout for ages, but i could never find a good picture for use.

after many tries and errors, finally finally managed to photoshop a decent yuuko picture.

Yuuko 02

and yes, my PS skills hadn't improved much since the last time.

nor my html skills.


oh well, i tried my best anyway.

the new layout will make things much easier for me since they come in those page elements thingy that does all the html crap for me.

especially since i update my anime status very frequently.

the lesser html there is, the better.

tp actually posted a comment in the cbox before i even posted a blog entry. ahaha.