Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Pote-tan once again

OH MY GOSH!! i can't stop myself from looking her up all the time on and

this is the episode half-way mark insert.




for moo moo...

from ep5.

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Potemayo Dance

ok, for those not interested, pls juz ignore this post...

i couldn't comprehend why i think it's cute and hilarious either...

but, i juz need to get this out of my system,

"OMG!!! she's so cute!!!"

will odex get it?

super backdated news, since i had no chance to blog since friday.

PacNet wins court case against odex to NOT reveal names!!

all hell breaks lose...


forums and local bloggers are going crazy... reading only a few forum threads and already, pple are thinking of ways to counter-sue odex...

however, odex still has its 2 weeks to appeal against it, which it intends to do so. so we will only know the final outcome in 2 weeks time...

will the odex case be another durai case? will they get it from the anime fans?

we'll have to wait and see. my fingers are crossed...

*cross fingers*


Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Down with odex

i think all sg anime fans should read DarkMirage's blog post on odex, posted 19th Aug.

not that we should agree with everything he's written and juz throw away any letter sent by odex, but at least it cleared up alot of things i've been puzzled with myself.

personally, i'm waiting to see if i get any letter since starhub had been given the court order last week.

somehow, i'm exceptionally calm about the whole matter. many thanks to non-anime friends who've been concerned with whether i've been hit by the bomb.

but as i've said,
"if i get it, i get it... there's nothing i can do now to stop them anyway..."

i mean, they're using backlogged 'evidence' gathered from a few months back (eg. downloaded code geass from mar??!), when i haven't even heard a hoot of what they were intending to do.

and that's about implies how much people know/heard of odex anyway.

if (positive thinking), or when (negative) i eventually get the letter, i intend on asking them to break down every single dollar i 'compensate' them.

why should they be making any profit out of us?

licenced or not, the fact is odex can't even produce the same good quality as fansubs, not to mention how unmeasurably SLOW they are in getting to the stores.

so what's the use of buying their products if they can't measure up to fansubs?

anime fans wants their episodes fast. like within the week after its broadcast in japan, which can be given to them by fansub groups.

and for otakus like me, who watches all sorts of anime, we also want variety, not juz popular series like bleach or naruto.

so how about those less popular anime airing now?

are, or the question should be will, they ever licence series such as Potemayo or Over Drive? or even Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn?


it doesn't help that the odex website is virtually non-existence.

1st time i went in, it was an "under construction" page, blue page with odex logo swinging around, + an email address for enquiry.

2nd time i went in, it was an empty page with the "under construction" words at top left corner.

now, it became this...


yeah rigghhtttt.... (<- all sarcasm included)


(back after lost connection for the last 2 hrs)

anyway, i've juz read thru all the comments on DM's post, including all the links and stuff. apparently, someone managed to meet the most-hated-man-on-sg-cyberspace, odex president Stephen Sing.

quote from the last part of the post,

"Currently, Odex is holding on to all letters until a better solution can be implemented. But please be informed that these letters ARE ready as and when it is required. I have suggested to Stephen Sing that a nominal fee be implemented rather then a huge amount of S$3000~5000. Probably for students and working adults. Stephen Sing has given me a positive feedback on this as the intention is not to anger the people but to sound out a strict warning."


seems like i might have to wait a while for the letter...

*cross fingers*

well... thank goodness there's still crunchyroll and veoh videos...

P.S. rr is currently watching all anime from above 2 websites, in addition to looking into parallel imports from HK, taiwan (for the chinese subs) and/or USA.

P.P.S. she will never buy from odex ever again. but she will still keep the few she has cos she can't bear to lose her RahXephon and Kiddy Grade.

Thursday, 16 August 2007


i love cute things...

and juz like how the rest of us don't understand moo moo's infatuation with Bottle Fairy, they're probably gonna say the same about my infatuation with Potemayo...

but... "oh-my-gosh!-she's-so-cute!!!"

(taken from official website)

and all she ever says is "ho-ni", or a cutsy version of "su-na-o" (her owner's name)... no other vocab, watsoever...

but still... very cute...

anyone interested in potemayo, go to crunchyroll website and check her out...

surprisingly, crunchyroll is up to date with all her episodes (latest being ep6) and almost up to date with the rest of the anime i'm following...

meow meow, i tried checking for yamato nadeshiko, but cos it juz got licenced, they've taken it down from the website... i'll lend you mind as soon as i get it back from my friend...

Saturday, 11 August 2007

881 (摇啊摇啊摇...)

oh gosh... totally did not expect how good this movie is...

the trailer for 881 got me so excited about the movie, and i was thinking it was more towards a no-brainer type of show.

the glitz and glamour of a getai... the flamboyant costumes which looks like those worn by some "guys" in thailand... and hokkien... lots and lots of funny hokkien...

but yet, beneath it all, there's still much more to the story... i want to say more, but it'll juz be spoiling it... so everyone, u have to watch it yourself...

anyway moo moo, i was juz very very red-eyed after the movie... i even stopped crying before the movie ended... that wasn't me being an emotional wreak yet...

the last time i was an emotional wreak, i fell sick and had that eye ulcer...

that, is how bad i can be if i was an emotional wreak...

this movie?
its's juz normal waterworks...