Saturday, 20 October 2007

random gundam musings...

it's been 12 years since Gundam Wing aired on Japan TV in 1995.

gosh, it didn't seemed that long ago... has it really been 12 years??

and maybe because it was my first Gundam series, but i still think comparing to the other series that was released after that, Wing still has the coolest gundams.

especially Wing Zero.

12 years.

wow, i suddenly feel very old...


Thursday, 18 October 2007

new job

it really feels very good to accomplish one of the resolutions i've made for 2007.

though it came very late seeing that it's already the last quarter of the year, and not to mention that my year-end bonus will be forfeited, i still made to decision to accept the new job.

so starting from 5 Nov 2007, i'll be at my new workplace at biopolis, where i'll be starting an entirely new chapter of work life as a research officer at one of the institutes of A-STAR.

no more shift hours, i'm going to have a normal 5-day work week like regular people, sleep in more on sat, and most importantly, where my weekends wouldn't be affected cos of work.

it is definitely worth giving up my bonus for. not that i wouldn't be feeling the pinch. having bonus at the end of the year is always good, since i always use the money to do a little shopping indulgence. but if i were to reject the new job just so i could get the bonus, i would definitely have regretted it.

and though i feel slightly guilty for leaving at a time where our headcount is very low and almost everyone is overwork, i can't always be thinking about that or i'll never be able to leave cos there'll always be not enough people working.

anyway, things in the lab is not looking very bright too. i'm already anticipating at least another 3 people to leave next year. i'm just the first one to go.

let's see...

*counts calendar days*

2 more weeks to my last day... ^_^.``

Wednesday, 17 October 2007


おたんじょうび おめでと!!!
(happy birthday)

(hello... can you hear me?)

heehee... well, juz a little greeting to moo moo who is still enjoying herself in japan right now...

happy birthday moo moo... from all of the envious souls in sg...

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Fall Anime 2007

well, the past week had been the start of Fall 2007... as usual, fall season usually has lots of new series but somehow, looking at the preview list from randam curiosity, there's only 2 that caught my attention immediately.

No.1 Taiho Shichauzo Full Throttle
(aka You're Under Arrest Season 3)
i was jumping for joy when i heard the announcement for season 3 about 2 months back. my favourite police duo is back for more action and laughter after a very very long 5-year break. and yet, they still managed to get all the voice seiyuu back which means i don't have to listen to natsumi or miyuki sounding like totally different people.

No.2 Gundam 00
this marks my 4th gundam series after GWing, GSeed and GS Destiny… i am still hoping for Koyasu Takehito to voice someone in this series knowing he’s such a gundam vetern, but he doesn't seemed to be in the cast list...

mixed reactions to the 1st episode, judging from the different blogs i've been to, but since i've yet to watch it myself, i shall keep my own opinion open... as all gundam series, there's definitely relation to the story and current world politics... which is good, seeing this is how we can use anime to relate to current world affairs...

and finally... juz wat the other 3 animals need... a maple story anime in fall 2007.

i'm not too sure how this is going about, but thought i should just informed the rest about it...

in the meantime, i'm waiting (very slowly) for the end of all my spring anime series... or rather, i'm waiting for the episodes to be available on veoh and/or crunchyroll...

this is a test of my patience... which, i gotta admit, has gotten slightly better since i can't download anymore... well, not that i have a choice either...