Thursday, 30 July 2009

Material Safety Data Sheet

scientific? possibly.

hilarious? you bet!

MSDS For Women

Element: Women
Symbol: WO2
Discoverer: Adam
Atomic Mass: Accepted at 118lb but known to vary from 100 to 550 lbs
Occurrence: Copious quantities in urban areas

Physical properties:
1. Surface usually covered with painted film.
2. Boils at nothings, freezes without reasons.
3. Melts if given special treatment.
4. Bitter if incorrectly used.
5. Found in various states raging from virgin to common ore.

Chemical properties:
1. Has a great affinity for gold, silver, platinum and precious stones.
2. Absorbs great quantities of expensive substances.
3. May explode spontaneously without prior warning and for no known reasons.
4. Insoluble in liquids, but activity greatly increased in saturation in alcohol.
5. Most powerful money-reducing agent known.

Common uses:
1. Highly ornamental, especially in sport cars.
2. Can be great aid to relaxation.

1. Pure specimen turns rosy pink when discovered in natural state.
2. Turns green when placed beside better specimen.

1. Highly dangerous except in experienced hands.


MSDS For Men

Element: Man
Symbol: Ah (short for Asshole)
Quantitative: Accepted at 7 inches though some isotopes can be as short as 4 inches
Discoverer: Eve (discovered by accident one day when she had a craving for ribs)
Occurrence: Found following duel element Wo, often in high concentration near a perfect Wo specimen

Physical properties:
1. Surface often covered with hair; bristly in some areas, soft in others.
2. Boils when inconvenienced, freezes when faced with Logic and Common Sense, melts if treated like a God.
3. Obnoxious when mixed with C*H*-OH (any alcohol).
4. Can cause headaches and severe body aches; handle with extreme caution.
5. Tends to fall into very low energy state directly after reaction with Wo.
6. Gains considerable mass as specimen ages, loses reactive nature.
7. Specimens can be found in various states ranging from deeply sensitive to extremely thick.
8. Rarely found in pure form after 14th year.
9. Often damaged as a direct result of unlucky reaction with polluted form of the Wo common ore.
10. When pressure is applied, becomes stiff and unyielding; yields only when subtlety, subterfuge, flattery are applied.

Chemical properties:
1. All forms desire reaction with Wo, even when no further reaction is possible.
2. May react with several Wo isotopes in short period under extremely favorable conditions.
3. Most powerful embittering and aggravating agent known to Wo.
4. Usually willing to react with whatever is available.
5. Reaction Rates range from aborted/non-existent to pre-interaction effects (which tend to turn the specimen bright red.)
6. Reaction styles vary from extremely slow, calm and wet to violent/bloody.
7. When saturated with alcohols, will be fairly inert and will repel most other elements.
8. Is repelled by most household appliances and common household cleansers.
9. Is repelled by small children clothed in diapers, particularly those of the malodorous variety.
10. Is neutral to common courtesy and fairness.

1. Best results apparently near 18 for high reaction rate, 25-35 for favorable reaction style.

1. Heavy boxes, top shelves, long walks late at night, free dinners for Wo.
2. Can be used in recreational activities.

1. Pure specimen will rarely reveal purity, while reacted specimens broadcast information on many wavelengths.

1. Tends to react extremely violently when other Man interferes with reaction to a particular Wo specimen. Otherwise very maleable under correct conditions.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

return of J-drama

ever since K-wave came to sg and caused the decrease of j-dramas on local TV, the only ones i've been watching faithfully are either Kimura Takuya's shows, or any random ones that catches my interests.

well recently for the past 2 years, i've been somewhat hooked on watching the less serious and more comical j-dramas. many are adapted from popular manga series and usually showcase lots of up-and-rising young stars.

although the japanese always have adapted manga into live-action before, it wasn't until the recent years in which we see this sudden influx. i think they finally saw how successful the taiwan market has been in using this to promote their new actors/actresses.

between the japanese idol dramas (日本偶像剧) and taiwan idol dramas (台湾偶像剧), i very much prefer the japanese ones. it might just be plain biased, but i much prefer to watch manga adaptations in their original country and language.

so anyway, here's what i've watched over the last 2 years. have included various links to the dramas and cast so i don't have to do any summary.

disclaimer: as usual, only very biased opinions ahead.

Yamada Taro Monogatari (贫穷贵公子)
the very 1st idol-drama i watched. the japanese version was way funnier than the taiwanese version. the guys and kids were also much cuter.

starring Arashi members Ninomiya Kazunari (二宮和也) and Sakurai Sho (櫻井翔), together with Tabe Mikako (多部未華子) whom i always think resembles doreen alot.

Proposal Daisakusen (求爱大作战)
i couldn't resist the cute guy that looks like Takuya (Yamapi), so ended up watching this, which was quite funny given all the back-to-the-future stuff.

starring Yamashita Tomohisa (山下智久), Nagasawa Masami (長澤まさみ) and a favorite veteran actor of mine, Fujiki Naohito (藤木直人).

Nodame Cantabile (交响情人梦)
of course, i only knew of the existence of the live-action only after watching the anime. this j-drama needs no introduction here since i practically swoon rave about it every time something new pops up.

there will be 2 more live-action movies coming up soon (within the next 6 months) and the final anime series will be airing in Jan 2010. the manga will also be ending its run in Spring 2010. big year for Nodame in 2010!

starring Ueno Juri (上野樹里) as our beloved Nodame and Tamaki Hiroshi (玉木宏) as wonder-whiz Chiaki.

Zettai Kareshi (绝对男友)
the very 1st show i watched that stars Mizushima Hiro, although i didn't really thought much about him then. only watched it cos it was an adaptation of a Watase Yuu manga. had doubts on how they could pull off the whole robot lover thing but i think Hayami did a good job as Night.

starring Hayami Mokomichi (速水もこみち), Mizushima Hiro (水嶋ヒロ) and Aibu Saki (相武紗季).

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (偷偷爱着你/花样少男少女)
i've blogged about this before. and really, this is a fantastic adaptation. so much better than the taiwanese version which was much too whiny and had too few cute guys.

Ikuta Toma was the best person to bring Nakatsu to life, and Hiro was much better than the taiwanese Nanba-sempai. though i wonder why both the taiwan and japan versions made Sano so emo, cos he's really not supposed to be like that.

starrring Horikita Maki (堀北真希) who did a great job as Mizuki, Oguri Shun (小栗旬), Ikuta Toma (生田斗真) and of course Mizushima Hiro.

Yasuko to Kenji (暴走兄妹)
seeing Hirosue Ryoko acting as a ex-gang leader was kinda weird at first cos i could never picture her as anything but polite. hilarious nontheless, especially her confrontations with Masahiro's character.

starring Matsuoka Masahiro (松岡昌宏) of Tokio, Hirosue Ryoko (広末涼子) and Tabe Mikako once again as a daydreaming high school girl.

Mei-chan no Shitsuji (我的帅哥管家)
finally finished this on monday night. not as light-hearted as the rest, cos there were lots of scheming and back-stabbing involved. but i still got to see Hiro in a butler uniform for most of the time, so i'm still relatively happy.

starring Eikura Nana (榮倉奈々), Mizushima Hiro and Sato Takeru (佐藤健).


and against my better judgement, there's still many more which i'm trying to find time to watch, aside from all my unfinished anime and various movies.

listed in order of importance,

1) MR BRAIN - Takuya and Hiro all in one show. YUMMY!
2) Hachimitsu to Clover (Honey x Clover) - Toma! i've heard that it's quite good. let's hope it's comparable to the anime.
3) 1 Pound no Fukuin (1 Pound Gospel) - romantic comedy about a young wrestler and a young nun. hmm.
4) Code Blue - Yamapi as an aspiring flight doctor. can it hold up to the other medical series Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji?
5) Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji (Season 4) - incidentally, as i was browsing through the dramawiki webpage for Kyumei, i discovered that there's gonna be a 4th season starting in 11 Aug. yeah!! i love this show!
6) VOICE - another Toma show.
7) Majo Saiban -Witch Trial- - yet another Toma show.

hopefully, i'll have at least watched half of what i've listed by the end of the year. =P

for anyone interested, go to link also provided in sidebar.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Hetalia Ep 25 & 26 (end S1)

Episode 25: England does tasteless cooking

the end of "Liechtenstein & her beloved brother", part 7-9.

Episode 26: Busby's chair doesn't work on Russia

last episode of Season 1.

no worries, Season 2 is gonna start straight next week.

more Hetalia to come.

Monday, 20 July 2009

because i am beautiful

episode #410.

the episode i've been waiting for so long.

the long awaited debut of the Pirate Empress.

the dawn of Hebi-hime.

*drum roll*

Boa Hancock!!

boa hancock

so, will you really forgive her for everything because she's beautiful?

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Summer 2009

1st time i picked up so many series in one Summer season.

here's what i'll be watching for now:

1) Sora no Manimani
good! i know the girl-chase-guy routine has been used frequently, but at least for now, the girl is doing it for the reason of getting said-boy into the astronomy club.

and have always been drawn to series with astronomy themes, be it manga or anime, so i'll definitely continue watching this.

2) Spice and Wolf II
pretty good for the 1st episode. had half a mind not to continue with this since the end of season 1 got a tad too boring for me.

somehow. somewhere. towards the middle of the episode, it convinced me enough to at least give it a few more episodes before the possibility of chucking it.

3) Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
the most irritating/emo main lead of Summer'09 must be Mirai. if it weren't for the much anticipated earthquake plot, i would've dropped it 1/3 into the episode.

now i'm hoping she doesn't get on my nerves, and starts getting into her act as the responsible older sister she should be.

4) Umineko no Naku Koro ni
i don't seem to remember watching a crime series for a long time, probably ever since Detective Conan, so it'll be good to see how this progress.

dark and slightly creepy. i probably should not try to watch this too late at night.

5) Taishou Yakyuu Musume
after my Cross Game infatuation, i've picked up another baseball anime. however this is not hardcore baseball, but rather how a pair of girls tries to build a female baseball team during the Taishou-era.

will probably stick to this for now. depending on how the upcoming episodes turn out, i may or may not continue.

complicated plot involving a female assassin with enhanced senses. then there's the female photographer who is searching for said-assassin whilst she's on the job.

i really want to feel more excited about this series. but given that i'm already watching Phantom, another assassin-based show wasn't that big a draw. especially since Phantom is very good.

since it's only a 13-episodes series, i will probably continue to watch this.

7) Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
until i can finish up the previous 2 seasons (plus the OVA), this is on a definite hold.


other shows that i watched the 1st episode but didn't pick up:

1) Umi Monogatari ~Anata ga Itekureta Koto~

not even Koyasu-sama voicing the main lead is enough to make me continue watching this.

3) Bakemonogatari
for all the good reviews of this show, i can't get myself to like it anymore than i like ef. yes, the visuals were fantastic, blah blah blah,

but frankly, i was abit freaked out by Hitagi using the stapler on Koyomi. (she stapled the inside of his cheek! OUCH!)

4) Kanamemo
yuri involved. not so much the main thing per se, but still. the story wasn't that interesting either.


so in addition to the current 9 series, the addition of the new ones will bring my total tally to 16 series for the next 3 months. thankfully, most of them are ending before the start of Fall'09, except for the long-standing ones (OP, bleach, reborn) and Cross Game.

gotta clear more time for Fall'09, where i'll be expecting more series.

Monday, 13 July 2009


i juz couldn't resist.

full length trailer of Disney/Pixar's UP.

russell is so cute!
he looks like an egg on sticks.


Sunday, 12 July 2009

Ice Age Aftermath

finally watched Scrat and Co. on the big screen.

for a 3rd time sequel, i'm quite satisfied with the movie.

thankfully, unlike many of the movies nowadays, there were still lots of laugh-able bits throughout the entire show that were NOT already in the trailers.

got to catch the trailers for another disney movie called UP.

looks good. might be interested to watch when it opens in cinemas.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Hetalia Ep 23 & 24

Episode 23: a substance in tomatoes decrease the desire to fight

also featuring "Liechtenstein & her beloved brother", part 1 and 2.

Episode 24: more Chinatowns? on an island?!!

continuing "Liechtenstein & her beloved brother", part 3-6.

One Piece #408

OP is finally starting the Amazon Lily arc.

not that i didn't enjoy the last 2 episodes. the good thing about OP fillers are that they are never draggy.

and you can have perfectly funny episodes just by changing the era and putting OP characters into it.

in any case, the manga is 35 chapters ahead of the anime. i reckon we wouldn't have another filler until after the Amazon Lily arc.

even then, i'm guessing that they'll probably do the fillers on the whereabouts of the other Strawhat pirates, based on the cover illustrations from the manga chapters.

well, still no sign of Hancock yet.
she probably wouldn't appear until #410 since they're on a one manga chapter per anime episode basis.


on another note, Bleach is going into fillers again. i can't believe the amount of fillers this whole arc has been getting.

i mean, the manga is 25 chapters ahead of the anime, so i was really hoping they wouldn't need any fillers as yet. rumours is it might last for the whole summer season, so you can understand how much i'm dreading this.

will be putting it on hold for the moment or, not watch the fillers at all.

Saturday, 4 July 2009


seems like madam (AKA birdy) was really right.

Scrat IS a squirrel.
only, it's a fictional species the animators came up with called a "saber-tooth squirrel".

i can't wait to watch Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

now i'm juz waiting for gugu (AKA Moo Moo) to watch the previous 2 movies so that she'll know the background story.