Friday, 13 August 2010

Reborn CCG Collaborate

got this way earlier than any of the One Piece sets i've been posting for the past week or so. just that i was too lazy to do a shoot until recently.

reborn CCG 01
Byakuran is the only one in a priest outfit, while the rest are in tradition clothing.

was supposed to be a 10-piece set, but for some unknown reason, Reborn and Lambo was taken out.

updated 23/11/2010,

found Reborn and Lambo in Japan!

complete set~

here's Tsuna and Byakuran.
reborn CCG 04

reborn CCG 02

Mukuro and Hibari.
reborn CCG 03

if it weren't for these two, i wouldn't have even bought this set.

reborn CCG 05
Hibari looks weird smiling so happily.

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