Sunday, 29 August 2010

Reborn #199

Chrome is rushing towards Mukuro.
reborn 199-01

when a sudden beam rushes towards her.
reborn 199-02

guess who managed to catch her before she hits the ground?
reborn 199-03

Mukuro-sama desu~
reborn 199-04

reborn 199-05

reborn 199-06

reborn 199-07

reborn 199-08

Chrome is so happy to finally see Mukuro-sama.
reborn 199-09

reborn 199-10

Flan is as cute as ever.
reborn 199-11
his Belphegor Box is very cute too.

Mukuro with Daemon Spade's Devil Lens.
reborn 199-12

and before the episode ends,

reborn 199-13

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