Saturday, 21 August 2010

Reborn #198

Reborn post back-to-back.

because the show stealer is back~

Mukuro Rukudo desu!
reborn 198-01
of course, we all know it was Flan that got him out of the Vendicare Prison.

Hibari doesn't like that he has to die in Mukuro's illusion.
reborn 198-02

neither does Varia.
reborn 198-03

reborn 198-04

Ken and Chikusa, the even loyal Mukuro faction.
reborn 198-05

Vongola faction.
reborn 198-06
it looks more like Mukuro's family than Tsuna's in this. heehee.

reborn 198-07

reborn 198-08

Flan is quite cute.
reborn 198-09

he's trying to explain to Belphegor about the fake deaths.

reborn 198-10

but was refuted by Mukuro that dying was not necessary.
reborn 198-11

he also serves as the regular stabbing board for Mukuro.
reborn 198-12

and Bel.
reborn 198-13

Flan seems to take it in stride though.
reborn 198-14


reborn 198-15

more Mukuro.
reborn 198-16

reborn 198-17

and Hayato.
reborn 198-18
he didn't get much screentime this episode. but he still needs to be shown!

oh, and there's Ryohei.
reborn 198-19
i prefer TYL-Ryohei though. he looks way better. hahaha.

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