Friday, 6 August 2010

OP Real Going Merry-GO

first of many sets which i collected from Latendo over the weekend.

been wanting to get the Going Merry-go ever since i bought the Sunny-go from Taiwan 2 years ago. pity it isn't like the Sunny-go where you can assemble various parts of the ship.

then again, the Merry-go wasn't that complex either.

the colors for the ships are gorgeous, very realistic.
i heard that there would be another version of the Merry-go during the year-end with an even more realistic painting finish.

Nami's mikan trees.

you can see the cannons more clearly from the starboard side.


until i get the Super Ship collection and my Strong World Sanji POP, my cupboard will continue to be in a perpetual mess as i decide how to display everything out.

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