Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Nendoroid Nakano Azusa

my first nendoroid!

from the popular K-ON! anime, here's presenting Nakano Azusa!!

azusa 01

azusa 02

as you can see from the photos, i'm a Azu-nyan lover.
azusa 03

azusa 04

azusa 05

azusa 06

azusa 07

azusa 08

azusa 09

azusa 10

azusa 11

azusa 12

azusa 13

now i know why ah gu say she has bad experiences with the nendoroids. cos the stand is really lousy!
it's too flimsy to hold the nendoroid upright!

here's me trying to pose Azu-nyan.
azusa 14

azusa 15

Azu-nyan wants to watch Mitsudomoe too!
azusa 16


azusa 18

more of Azu-nyan in future~

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