Sunday, 22 August 2010

One Piece #463

highlights from ep463.

and continuing the Bleach-seiyuus-in-OP from previous post, you'll realize most of the big shots in Marineford were also part of Bleach.

Mihawk's blast being stopped before hitting Whitebeard.
OP 463-01

Edward Newgate
OP 463-02
CV Arimoto Kinryuu. AKA Kuchiki Ginrei, Byakuya's grandfather.

here's the person who stopped it.
OP 463-03
3rd division commander, Diamond Jozu. CV Nagasako Takashi. AKA Hachigen (vizard).

Kizaru joins the fight.
OP 463-04
Kizaru's CV, Ishizuka Unshou, is the only seiyuu among the Admirals that has not voiced in Bleach before.

OP 463-05

his attack was also stopped.
OP 463-06

by 1st division commander, Kurosaki Ichigo Phoenix Marco.
OP 463-07

Kizaru VS Marco.
OP 463-08

and finally, the last Admiral joins in too.
OP 463-09
Akainu is voiced by Tachiki Fumihiko. AKA Zaraki Kenpachi.

Whitebeard thinks nothing of him of course.
OP 463-10
blowing out his magma flames like candles on a birthday cake.

huge black shadow.
OP 463-11

OZ Jr.!
OP 463-12

how's that for a parting scene.
OP 463-13

can't wait until Luffy appears.

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