Friday, 23 September 2005

"When RR finds furuba scans...

... she pretty much loses her composure and frantically try to find translations on the internet."

beware! spoilers galore... moo moo n joyce, dun read if you dun wan to know...

reading the raw scans of the latest manga chapters from the hana to yume magazine where furuba is serilaized... lots of major events have occured, slowly building the plot to a point of extreme suspense... more important or noticeable ones include (highlight to read):
1) Rin being locked up by Akito and how she was rescued by Haru. (ch104-107)
2) hugging scene of Kyo and Tohru. MOMENT!!(ch109)
3) the growing up of Momiji. i'm serious, he looks really good all grown-up. (ch111)
4) Tohru finally realizing AND admitting her feelings for Kyo to Rin. (ch114)
5) the reason why Akito was raised as a boy. more anger issues between her and the mom. (ch115)

and finally, the most shocking, latest news...
6) Momiji freed from the curse!! (ch115)

after reading the translations and also trying to interpretate the hiragana myself, how i wished i could read japanese fluently... or how i should be living in japan, so i can always get the latest chapters right off the news-stands every 2 weeks... aarrrgghhh!!!

a furuba livejournal community wrote somewhere in one of their entries that furuba is set to finish off on its 22nd book... which means... *counts fingers* another 4 more books to go! book #18 is already published in japan, just last week on 16/09, so let's give ChuangYi and TongLi, the earliest, another 2 months to get the chinese one out... i'm predicting that CY might get it out faster, though i'm reading the TL one myself...

anyway, thought i'll put in some spoiler piccys from the latest chapters, just to gian people who's reading furuba... mwahahaha... chapter scans were from 2 blog sites (ichi-san and selphies) but images were edited by myself...

Image hosted by Image hosted by
the 2 couples hugging... different times, different places...
Image hosted by
a mature looking momiji (yes! it's HIM!)
Image hosted by
showing how much taller momiji is now... did he even reached kyo's shoulders before??
Image hosted by
even hiro looks older now... and he's what? 13yr old? or was it 12??
Image hosted by
kyo and tohru walking together... the other jyunishis are actually in front of them...

should i be thankful that my sis forbids me to read online translations/scanslations of One Piece??
probably... she'll more than likely strangle me if i spoiled her on OP...

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