Sunday, 25 September 2005

Friday KopiTiam Report

Reported by Moo Moo in midst of being a worm feasting on veggies

And so, we went back to the "Pickpocket Place" aka JW St 63, firstly to look for the famed duck noodles(Not open again); secondly for the bird (special guest) to try the "superb" chicken wing(i dun really like); thirdly to catch the pickpocket(0_0).

Superb Chicken Wings??

This moo moo, with Naruto, her Muvo, her hp, her keys, decided to walk to the place from JW St 91. Thinking dat she'd brought everything, she happily stepped outta door at 9.50pm, and started her journey. Along the way, she returned rr's msg, and dropped the phone while trying to put it back inside the pouch with Naruto occupying most part of her hoof. She xim-tiahingly picked up all the pieces and fixes them back along the journey.

Walk walk walk, she saw 179 coming. Ohh! Meow Meow and Birdy had arrived. Walks faster. Another traffic light and she'll reach the destination, she saw another 179 on the other side of the road. Aiya shld've taken the bus. Then she realised. SHE DIN BRING HER WALLET OUT!!!! She remembered everything else BUT HER WALLET!! duhh..

Ok back to the report. I, being sick of chicken wings, went looking for other food while the 3 other animals feasted. Prata? No more prata. Satay? Not open. WAHHHH. Anyway, fastforward. Jus as we're leaving, we saw Junming. <- Dao gia. Haha.

Then we went to kopitiam no. 2 for the night. JW St 91 Blk (I'll go n check it out.) Response there, DRINKS DAMN EX!! But rojak quite good. And so we the 4 tai tais in the making rehearsed wat we'll be doing in 20 yrs time. Lim kopi tok kok. kakkakkakkaa..

Another kopitiam conquerred~

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