Saturday, 10 September 2005

Moo Moo's Top 10s Part 2

As promised...

Moo Moo's Top 10 Anime/Manga Girls

1) Cagalli Yula Atha (GS/GSD) - Who else. A definite TOMBOY who doesnt like to wear skirts. (sounds like me..) I love her guts, yah wait, she's now getting stronger in her will, not like in the beginning of GSD where she's powerless to the Yuuna clan. She's not a good pilot, and luckily Akatsuki is damn powerful. (Can reflect attack lor..) An 18 yr old trying to protect HER country. Cool~~

2) Tsukasa Shuro (Ayashi No Ceres) - The darn powerful vocals of a tennyo, with interchangable sexual pitches, roof-crashing force. Woot!! Her story is extremely tragic, and she DIED in the end.. *Sobs*

3) Anna Kyoyama (Shaman King) - She bullies Yoh, but its all for his own good. If not, Yoh will be lazing ard all day doing nothing since he's so aloof. Will marry the most powerful shaman aka Shaman King and so, she wants Yoh to win Hao. Has a necklace with 1,080 beads which she uses to chant. Aahhahha.. I still remember her bullying Yoh.

4) Pannanchiten Kiryuu (Mamotte Shugogetten) - She's the one who always creates trouble for Tasuke-sama. Enlarged pencils, textbooks, u-name-it-she-can-enlarge stuff. Not as hyper as Ruuan-sensei, and I remember she gets sick rather easily (too cold.) I like her ninja-like hair!

5) Yui Hongo (Fushigi Yuugi) - I noe she's at the evil side, but still.. she was MISLED by Nakago and she doesnt trust Miaka enuff. I love her long hair look at the end of the book.

6) Lacus Clyne (GS/GSD) - I admit i only start to notice her after GSD Ep 43, where she snatched the tv-waves back from Meer aka Fake Lacus, who snatched it away from Cagalli while she was making a declaration. Before dat, I only thot of her as a weak girl with power to influence ppl thru her speeches. GSD had her leading the Clyne Faction to build Strike Freedom and Infinite Justice, the ultimate mobile suits (Shld be since GSD is still at 46 only). I like her in the black short skirt outfit rather than the long white flow-y one.

7) Sakurazaki Setsuna (Mahou Sensei Negima) - Childhood friend of Konoka and descendent of a Kendo family. Her family was recruited by Konoka's father to protect Konoka and she was extremely shy when she 1st met Konoka. Carries a sword ard ALL THE TIME, and was initially mistaken to be an obstructor to Negima. As she feels that she failed in her task to protect Konoka after being unable to save her successfully from the river, she keeps a distance from Konoka. She only started hanging out with Konoka in public after the Kyoto incident, where she puts herself into life-endangering situation to save Konoka. Cool swordswoman.

8) Suou Mikoto (School Rumble) - A black belt Kenpo expert and good friend of Tenma. Athletic, good in studies and has the figure (D-cup as testified by Imadori). Childhood friend of Hanai and is secretly in love with her senpai (who already had a girlfriend).

9) Ai Haibara/Shiho Miyano (Detective Conan) - Was formerly from the "Black Shirt Gang" until they killed her sis and she took the drug dat she invented herself in an attempt to commit suicide but ends up becoming small like Conan. Is now Conan's sidekick in solving crimes and maintaining his kid image with others amongst the 3 normal kids. She's quiet/cool/calm most of the time and Maori Ran is the only person she complies fully to (even thou there's not much difference in their actual ages).

10) Tsukamoto Tenma (School Rumble) - HOPELESSLY BLUR/SLOW/BLOCKHEAD who falls head over heels in love with Karasuma (One-sided thou). Has a pair of spring-built "antennas" which can sense Karasuma approaching within her radar range and moves up and down when she is excited. She's SUPER funny.

Lingering ard Top 10s
Suzuka (Suzuka)
Minagi Mikoto (Mai Hime)
Miwako Satou (Detective Conan)
Nagase Kaede (Mahou Sensei Negima)

*Note: Notice a trend? 9 outta 10 are seh seh girls.. ahahahahahha...

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