Monday, 12 September 2005

Moo Moo's Top 10s Part 3

Moo Moo's Top 10 Anime/Manga Chibis/Mascots
1) Chibi Night Tenjo (Zettai Kareshi) - Isnt he jus.. CUTE!?!?!!!? He's a 8" (I think) replacement for the faulty Night Tenjo which was sent for repairs. So irresistably cute. Esp the part where he was supposed to act as a doll but once Riiko comes into the room, he screams (Bcos he loves Riiko..), pik jia lobang~ Hahahhahhah...

2) Rishu (Shugogetten) - ... deshu .. deshu~~ She's one of the Hoshigami of Shao. Dressed in a kimono and is able to communicate to Shao using telepathy. She doesnt really talk aloud and she draws to communicate to Tasuke, who most of the time had a hard time deciphering what she meant.

3) Muu (Tactics) - The green youkai that sticks to Kantaro. Eats practically ANYTHING she (yes its a SHE) is able to get her things on. Often makes Sugino hopping mad bcos she sticks to Kantaro when he's ard (Supposed to be his wife u see).

4) Amidamaru (Shaman King) - He's so cool when he's back to his samurai full form. Appears as a ball of spirit with face and shoulder armour alongside Yoh during fights.

5) Chibi Chichiri (Fushigi Yuugi) - The 1st chibi i got to noe. Chichiri appears in chibi form most of the time in the series and always has a smiling face (Due to the mask he had on).

6) Sarara (Bottle Fairy) - Another cool cool character. One of the 4 fairies that lives in a bottle each, trying to understand the human world. The things that she imagines tend to be related to samurais or fighting.

7) Kohon (Shugogetten) - The tiger guy Hoshigami who sidelines as a sports coach. He's smaller in size than Rishu btw.

8) Mokona (TRC) - The white marshmallow in TRC who is always kajiaoing Kurogane. Has 108 tricks (Or so it claims).

9) Plue (Rave) - The unidentified walking thing with an ice-cream cone nose. Will dry up when he's extremely hungry. Eats lollipops. Had been used like a dart with his indestructible but looks fragile nose.

10) Kero (CCS) - Able to transform into a magnificient Cerebres. Loves pancakes n sweet stuff. Has to pretend to be a doll when Touya is ard.

Lingering Outside Top 10
Haro (GS/GSD)
Kon (Bleach)
Tori (GS/GSD)

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