Monday, 4 April 2011

Taipei loot

i'm back from Taipei. first time experiencing such weather change, from freezing our butts out on the first day, to blazing hot weather on the last day.

photos will be in the next post. for now, my major shopping .

not much in terms of clothes. Wufenpu (五分埔) Wholesale Market has failed to tempt me yet again. i've outgrown the type of clothes found there, though i did bought a couple of dresses while we were out in the night markets. what i didn't expect to buy a lot of, was stockings.

yup. stockings. and socks. lots of it. blame it on the uber cold weather in the beginning of the trip. of course, i also factored in that i need to start preparing for the Europe trip in late September where i would definitely need tons of them.

also bought the usual facial masks, for personal use and to give as presents. my sister thinks i'm mad to lug back so many boxes, but it's by far the easiest gifts for your girlfriends. seriously.

the Animate flagship store was a huge disappointment. was expecting 2-3 floors of anime goodness. it ended up being only one floor on manga, and another basement level on anime merchandise that was somewhat lacking. there wasn't even any nendoroids or figurines in the store.

and finally, the main highlight, manga shopping.

t'was total bliss inside KT comics at Ximending where i filled two baskets in a span of one hour. well, i filled one in 5 minutes, but really, who's counting right?

as expected, aside from the 2 sets of CLAMP's and the Saiyuki manga, i managed to get everything else from the list in my previous post.

other books i got while i was there.

Single Tankoubon
  • Kyou mo Ashita mo 追逐梦想的每一天 #7 (i bought an extra copy two days later without checking whether i already had it! @_@)
  • Otomen 粉红系男孩 #11
  • Mei-chan no Shitsuji 小咩的管家 #14
  • Chibisan Date 小不点日记 #01 (from Hetalia author Himaruya Hidekazu)

  • Otome Youkai Zakuro 半妖少女綺麗譚 #01-04

add all of that up, plus the couple of books i grabbed for ah gu, that makes it a total tally of 54 books. although incomparable to ah gu, who lugged the entire One Piece series back from her last trip, it was my biggest buy ever.

at the end of the trip, my luggage was at a staggering 30kg.

all i can say is, thank goodness for group check-in!

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陳慧真 said...

hahaha r u now a KT convert? I need to go KT to claim my introduction fee!!