Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Taipei manga and DVD loot

just to show what i lugged from KT comics.
it really doesn't look like 52 books does it. heehee.

had to get volume 1 from Kinokuniya at Breeze Centre because they were sold out at both KT comics and Animate stores.

Chibisan Date.
couldn't resist buying, though i read somewhere that Himaruya-sensei had put this on hiatus.

Otome Youkai Zakuro!!!
wasn't expecting to find this and was ecstatic, total understatement, when i saw it at Animate. (Agemaki! Riken!!)

well, at least i know it's published by Ever Glory Publishing (长鸿出版社), though they always take forever to publish any manga. can't even remember the number of times they've delay books after books. anyway, will need to check if Kinokuniya imports this, because i definitely never saw it in Singapore before.

the 2 DVDs i bought at Taipei Underground Mall.

OP's Strong World and Nodame Cantabile!!

Strong World came with an extra disc, including cast interviews and trailers.

BOTH movies in a special box set.
unlike local DVD shops that only sells the second movie. seriously, how does that work for collectors that wants both movies?

too bad the Beck and Kimi ni Todoke DVDs weren't released yet.


jetaime said...

Hey,could you send me the addresses to the stores that you went to get the comics in Taiwan?


I'm so happy to come across your blog, so informative.

Roar Roar said...

hi, will email you later.
thanks for reading.