Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Nendoroid Haru-chan

from NHK General's Newswatch 9, let's welcome Haru-chan the Spring Goddess.

Haru-chan: konnichiwa! Haru-chan desu~
haru-chan 03

haru-chan 01

as you can see, the box is packed with goodies.
haru-chan 02

here's what she looks like from the back.
haru-chan 12

her sakura clips are also cute.
haru-chan 11

Haru-chan comes with 2 different staffs.

obviously, her Sakura staff makes sakura (cherry blossoms) bloom.
haru-chan 05

since Spring is also the season for rain, her Ame yo Fure makes rain fall.
haru-chan 07

i should've used this on Date-san.
haru-chan 09
(face is from Yoko)

she also has her own personalized newspaper sword.
haru-chan 06

her pet neko.
haru-chan 13

kawaii desu yo~
haru-chan 14
it loves to sit on her head.

her sick face, usually when she gets hay fever from all the pollen.
haru-chan 15

her agitated face.
haru-chan 16

Haru-chan going into SSM mode.
haru-chan 17

haru-chan 18

even with hay fever, i'll still do my job diligently and make the sakura bloom.
haru-chan 19

*sniff sniff*
haru-chan 20

Sakura bloom!
haru-chan 21

never underestimate my newspaper sword.
haru-chan 22

haru-chan 25

haru-chan 24

haru-chan 26

yay, got my trusty carp back from Date-san.
haru-chan 33

haru-chan 28

haru-chan 29

neko-chan tries to cling unto the back of the carp.
haru-chan 30

but it prefers to be on my head since it gets the best view.
haru-chan 31

haru-chan 32

haru-chan 34

the best thing about the stand is being able to make Haru-chan fly.
haru-chan 36

haru-chan 37

WEEEE~~ off to the next sakura location.
haru-chan 39

hmm. wonder if Aki-chan will be able to get a nendoroid version.
that'll be twice as fun to play with.

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