Wednesday, 17 March 2010

a test of patience

that's what the Nodame movie is about.

because there's at least a 3-month wait before anyone in SG will get to watch the grand finale in the 2nd movie!

well, at least the 2nd movie is going to include the Kiyora violin competition. that'll make up for not seeing it in the anime finale. HA!

and, i could recognize at least one voice seiyuu, Fujita Yoshinori, that dubbed for one of the french oboe player in Marlet orchestra. incidentally, he is also the seiyuu for Masumi-chan in the Nodame anime.

Tamaki Hiroshi has also improved his "conducting" skills. it actually looks like he's really conducting a proper orchestra now instead of just flapping his hands around. mwahahaaha!

but me and lydia concluded that he lost a bit of weight since the last time he was in the special. he really needs to put it back on.


3 months.

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