Thursday, 11 March 2010

OP Obahan Time

another omake under the Mugiwara Theatre, the Obahan Time.

OP Obahan Time 01
(L->R), Chopamori, Robino, Sanjida, Zoroyama, Usokawa, Luffyzaki

aerial shot, to see the dishes on the table.
OP Obahan Time 06

Zoroyama & Sanjida
OP Obahan Time 07
as what ah gu said, the most okama-looking obahans.

Chopamori & Robino
OP Obahan Time 08
Robino's head is super heavy and always falls off the tatami.

Usokawa & Luffyzaki
OP Obahan Time 09
the best looking obahans of the lot. at least you know they look good in make-up. mwahahahaha.

Skypiea Anime Heroes up next~

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