Friday, 12 March 2010

OP Anime Heroes ~Skypiea Arc~

as i've mentioned before, this is my favorite arc in the One Piece storyline.

presenting the Anime Heroes ~Skypiea Arc~

OP Skypiea 01
1st row (L->R), Gan Fall, Conis, Wiper, Karugara, Norla (snake), Montblanc Norland, Montblanc Cricket, Bellamy
2nd row (L->R), Pierre, Nami, Usoppu, Luffy, Sanji, Robin, Zoro, Chopper
3rd row (L->R), Shura, Gedatsu, Eneru, Ohm, Satori, Maxim

OP Skypiea 02
Strawhat Pirates.

i love Sanji's pose, taken from here.
OP#185 Sanji
when he confronted Eneru after messing with Maxim's gears in Ep185.

OP Skypiea 04
Eneru, with his priests and ship.

OP Skypiea 05
the 3-part assembled golden ship, Maxim.

OP Skypiea 06
residents of Skypiea.

OP Skypiea 07
Gan Fall riding on Pierre, much like Vivi and Carue.

OP Skypiea 08
i'm guessing these 2 guys are supposed to represent the island of Jaya. the most random oddball in this set has gotta be Bellamy. i mean, Cricket i can still understand. but Bellamy? i had actually forgotten about his existence and was wondering who the guy in pink was.

OP Skypiea 09
the history behind Skypiea.

there were too many characters that weren't included in this set, but i would have loved to see. like how instead of Bellamy, they could at least have put Aisa in.

other examples include the South Bird, Pagaya (Conis' father), Wiper's Shandian warriors, and maybe even Blackbeard.

anyway, word is out that there's a re-issue of the Anime Heroes ~Grandline Edition~. so to those that missed out on it last year, like me, can finally get to own it come April.


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