Sunday, 28 March 2010

Nodame Finale

as i've been expecting all along, Chiaki's dad didn't appear at all in the Finale.

it did irked me as i've previously blogged about, but the last episode sort-of made up for not extending it to a 24-episodes series.

i thought it was very fitting that they ended with Mozart's Sonata for Two Pianos in D major, which Chiaki and Nodame performed in the very first episode in Season 1. thankfully, they did a totally different arrangement and not use the same one from before.

and yes, i'm still hoping for another season or at least an OVA. like i said, there is the Opera-hen side story that is currently under-going in KISS magazine, so not that they would have a lack of materials to work on.

for now, we can just wait for the second movie and the unaired episode that will be bundled with the first DVD that will be shipping out on Apr 7.

it's titled "Mine to Kiyora no Saikai" ("Mine and Kiyora's Reunion"). not sure whether it will follow the manga story, but at least it redeems pulling Kiyora out from the Finale series.

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