Monday, 15 March 2010

One Piece re-reads

i love re-reading manga.

as i'm quite a fast reader, i tend to not notice much details during the first read-through of any given manga.

so now that there's nothing much to catch up on, since most of the books are being published at near snail-rate, i finally have the time to do a proper re-read of the One Piece manga.

nevermind that i should be concentrating on reading my Sunday School MBA (Make Bible Alive, NOT Master of Business Administration) course literature instead.

i know. i'm a procrastinator and in self-denial.

i promise i'll try to start reading by at least next week. *cross fingers*

anyway, back to One Piece.

currently at vol 6, i'm fully enjoying the intro of Sanji and the Baratie history. and of course after that, comes the first real arc where Mr Arlong will come in.

hmm. maybe i need to supplement with watching the anime at the same time. shall have to think about that.

AND, i've only discovered this from reading the SBS in vol 6.

in terms of drawing, Odaachi is almost always 3 chapters ahead of the current chapter in Shonen JUMP!

that's damn fast!

is that a usual thing or is it the same with the other shonen mangakas?

in any case, i'm very impressed!

go Odacchi!! get the Epic arc over already!

we want back the Strawhats crew!

more importantly,

give me back SANJI!!



*change of tone*

on another note, i'm going to watch the Nodame film with the Hong sisters tomorrow night. that's provided Miss Ruth don't PS at the last minute.

she better not. i will most definitely scream at her if she does.

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