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Roar Roar's Top 10 Bishonens (2010)

many of the bishonens from the first list may not be here anymore, but that doesn’t mean i like them any lesser. it just meant they’ve taken a backseat to the newer bishonens that have emerged in the past 5 years.

Top 10 Bishonens (2010)

01) Sanji (One Piece)
HA! as if anyone thought for any moment that Sanji was gonna move down from his top place. nope, he’s still my man. i’m getting withdrawals though. he and the other Strawhat crew have been missing for the longest time. *sighs* Odacchi needs to get back to them soon.

02) Shi Ryuuki (Saiunkoku Monogatari)
if you haven't already known from my SaiMon obsession, i'm also a big Ryuuki fan. and i'm still rooting for the Ryuuki-Shuurei pairing. he has matured a lot during the course of the story, and i love how much he has progressed into becoming a good king.

03) Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII:Advent Children)
he may be a little emo, but i can’t imagine not putting him in. he is too perfect, features-wise. i could watch AC over and over again. just for him. and Tifa. mwahahaha.

04) Gokudera Hayato (Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn)
had half the mind to put all my 3 favorite Hitmans here, but will refrain and just put Hayato in. i know the picture is of him Ten-Years-Later, but he looks so good!!

05) Kain Akatsuki (Vampire Knight)
another stereotypic RR favorite, the cool, calm and collected sort. besides being a loyal friend, he is a romantic at heart. would love to see more of him and Ruka together.

06) Archer (Fate/Stay Night)
his Unlimited Blade Works in Ep14 was the highlight of the entire series for me. even up until now, i would randomly search for the video on youtube. the UBW movie opened in japanese cinemas in Jan. looking forward to watching it soon. *cross fingers*

07) Chiaki Shinichi (Nodame Cantabile)
for being able to put up with Nodame, this guy already deserve a medal. did i mention he’s also super talented? besides being an accomplished pianist, violinist and conductor, he’s also great with the housework. don’t you wish you have someone like that with you. ohohohohoho.

08) Conrart Weller (Kyou Kara Maoh!)
nicknamed Conrad by Yuri, he’s the big brother character everyone depends on to watch their backs.

09) Usopp (One Piece)
for always being able to make me laugh in any circumstance, he deserves to be in this list. even if he isn't a bishonen. plus, he has powered-up a lot, thanks to all the dials he got in Skypiea and of course his own inventions.

10) Genjou Sanzou (Saiyuki)
yup, our bad-ass cigarette-smoking monk is still in Top 10.
yes, i still think he kicks ass.

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