Thursday, 4 February 2010

OP Strong World ~World Collection~

much overdue.

mainly because my parents went to harbin in the first week of Jan and so brought out the only camera in my house.

after that, i just got pre-occupied with other things.

anyway, here's my most expensive collection to date, the Strong World ~World Collection~, Luffy team.

Strawhat Pirates decked out in their mafia suits.
OP SW WorldCollection 02

difference between this and the previous set? it's 7cm high and workmanship is definitely better.

OP SW WorldCollection 01
1st row (L->R), Chopper, Brook, Usopp, Franky
2nd row (L->R), Robin, Zoro, Luffy, Nami, Sanji

more "aerial" shot.
OP SW WorldCollection 03

and since i'm not buying the whole set, i decided to buy some loose items from the World Collection.

namely, the other 2 Sanji's and the bird, Billy.
OP SW WorldCollection 04

close-ups of the 2 Sanji's.
OP SW WorldCollection 05 OP SW WorldCollection 06
left, his adventure clothes; right, his casual clothes.

for the whole set, all 48 of them, please go to moo moo's blog for photos.

that is, when she decides to finally unwrap all her stuff and take much better photos with her DLL/DDLL/XLL. hahaha.

ah gu, that's the hint to do it soon.

still have another set, this time a REBORN set, that i would be posting soon. stay tuned.

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