Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Deformation Katekyoushi Hitman REBORN

my very first REBORN gashapon set.

i had resisted an earlier set before, but this set i couldn't ignore.


the Deformation Katekyoushi Hitman REBORN! ~Special Edition~

KHR deformation 01
1 Yamamoto, 2 Tsuna's, 2 Gokudera's, 3 Hibari's, 3 Mukuro's and 1 Chrome.

Yamamoto Takeshi, in Choice arc.
KHR deformation 02
the only lonesome fellow, aside from Chrome.

here, we have our protagonist, Sawada Tsunayoshi.
KHR deformation 03
in his normal and Hyper Dying Will mode. after seeing him mature so much in the current arc, i'm starting to like him more and more.

my favorite, Gokudera Hayato.
KHR deformation 04
he's the only one where both figurines are non-related to the story. instead, you see him in a more kawaii form, baking and cooking.

better view of cake he's baking.
KHR deformation 05
no prizes for guessing who it's for. haha. quite obvious from the wordings on top.

my 2nd favorite, Mukuro Rokudo.
KHR deformation 09
Ten-Years-Later (TYL) with Vongola boxes, and young Mukuro.

with Chrome Dokuro.
KHR deformation 08
could actually arrange them to hold the trident together but it was already difficult enough getting them to stand properly because of their overtly-heavy SD heads.

and finally, my 3rd favorite, Hibari Kyoya.
KHR deformation 06
in normal school clothes, TYL with Vongola box and TYL with his tonfas.

can you guess why i love this set so much?


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