Monday, 22 February 2010

Roar Roar's Top 10 Chibis & Mascots (2010)

it's been too long, 5 years, since the first Top 10 list.

i had all along wanted to do an update, with my last saved MSword document being dated in 2007, so you can pretty much guess how it was forgotten for the last 3 years. until now.

anyway, the first of the Top 10 lists i'll be updating in the next few posts. starting with the easiest of them.

Top 10 Chibis & Mascots (2010)

01) Potemayo (Potemayo)
it was a tough fight between Chibitalia and her, but Potemayo won with her cute dance routines.
"ho-ni, ho-ni!"

02) Chibitalia (Hetalia Axis Powers)
loved her him the moment she he appeared. no wonder everyone thinks she he is a girl with all the Cinderella-styled cleaning and washing. her his interactions with HRE are always hilarious.

03) Aria-shachou (ARIA series)
president and namesake of Aria company, this overweight cat mascot accompanies Akari everywhere she goes.

04) Chopper (One Piece)
Chopper would probably flip and say he’s a reindeer and full-fledge member of the Strawhat Pirates. but really, can you blame me? heehee.

05) Kon (Bleach)
my previous No.1 has dropped in rank, which can't be helped since he hasn't been getting much screen-time except at the end of each episode during the omake "Shinigami Cup".

06) Guchiko (Potemayo)
ah gu loves her more than Pote-tan, and i love it whenever she tries to fix things she've destroyed by scotch tape.

07) Nyanko-sensei (Natsume Yuujinchou)
originially a powerful spirit called Madara who takes on the shape of a maneki neko after he was released by Natsume. his "fights" with Natsume are always very funny to watch.

08) Holy Roman Empire (Hetalia Axis Powers)
we all know how much he likes Chibitalia, and that his bouts of "bullying" are so that he can get her his attention. and yes, he still doesn't know Chibitalia is a boy yet. ahahahahaha.

09) Mokona (Tsubasa RC)
the resident mascot of CLAMP, i wouldn't dare to remove Mokona from the Top 10. have been tempted to buy the plush for the longest time but i've not set my mind on it yet. (the white Mokona will dirty too easily, and i don't really fancy the black one all that much.)

10) Happy (Fairy Tail)
Natsu's partner-in-crime. although most people, including me, think that he is just a talking pet, he is actually a magician under the Fairy Tail guild.

trend: 3 of them are cat mascots. i make up for not liking them in real-life in the anime/manga realm. mwahahahaha.

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