Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Post Japan (Figurines)

One Piece bobbing heads.
OP bobbing heads 01
summer special where they had Luffy and Chopper in baseball uniforms of popular Japan teams.

got the pair of them wearing the Yokohama Bay Stars uniform.
OP bobbing heads 02

One Piece Deformeister Volume 1.
OP Deformeister P1-01
1st row (L->R), Luffy variant, Mihawk, Boa Hancock, Zoro, Ace
2nd row (L->R), Chopper, Edward Newgate AKA Whitebeard, Luffy, Sanji, Hancock variant

OP Deformeister P1-02
each stand is printed with a short quote from each character. kinda hard for my camera to focus on all.

Sanji is so cute~
OP Deformeister P1-03

Sanji, in One Piece DX Figures ~Party Dress Style~.
ah gu found this baby at an obscure sale corner in a shop at Akihabara. after looking through the web, found that this was released 4 years ago. lucky!

flowers for the pretty lady~

Zero and King Lelouch, Code Geass.
Code Geass 01

Code Geass 02

Lelouch looks good as always.
Code Geass 03

Code Geass 04

Kuroshitsuji Prop Plus Petit Volume 2.
Kuroshitsuji PPP 01
1st row (L->R), Sebastian Michaelis, Agni, Ciel Phantomhive (pink dress disguise)
2nd row (L->R), Sebastian (Tutor), Ciel, Alois Trancy, Claude Fautus

now, if only i can get my hands on Grell from Volume 1.

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan One Coin Grande.
Hakuouki One Coin 01
1st row (L->R), Saitou Hajime (western uniform), Okita Souji (western uniform), Nagakura Shinpachi, Kazama Chikage
2nd row (L->R), Harada Sanosuke, Saitou Hajime, Okita Souji, Hijikata Toshizou, Toudou Heisuke

Kotobukiya comes up with one of the best SD figures in the business. their One Coin figures are always very popular among collectors.

my favorite trio.
Hakuouki One Coin 02

and we have Saitou and Souji in their western uniforms.
Hakuouki One Coin 03

one of my best buys.
finding Reborn and Lambo!

now the set for the Reborn CCG Collaborate is COMPLETE!

another best buy, One Piece Diorama World Part 1.
OP Diorama P1-02

OP Diorama P1-03

OP Diorama P1-01

all i need is Part 3 and i will have all 4 sets.



Débora Perdona said...

where did you bought the king leluch's gashapon

Roar Roar said...

was from one of the shops in Kotobukiya building at Akihabara, where they rent display shelves to people who want to sell off their items.

there was another 1-2 pieces of King Lelouch so it was pretty fun looking around the shelves for the cheapest piece.