Friday, 19 November 2010

Post Japan (Accessories)

went abit crazy and bought loads of mobile straps and keychains while we were shopping around Japan.

have no idea whether i would use all of them, but here's those in-use now.

Holy Roman Empire, Chibitalia and Souji, with my keys.


Yui, Sanji and Eeyore's tail, on my mobile.

bought this mousepad cos Hibari looks way too cute.


the rest of the un-used items.

Sanji Jolly Roger pirate flag.
2010-11 japan loot 03

couldn't resist getting this even though i hardly stick anything up on my wall anymore.
2010-11 japan loot 04

lots and lots of mobile straps.
2010-11 japan loot 02
this is still not as bad as ah gu's. seriously.

maybe i should try changing my mobile straps regularly.
or until i get lazy to do so. =P

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