Thursday, 15 July 2010

Summer 2010

finally, a good Summer season! lots of interesting shows to look forward to.

as per Spring season, i will be blogging each new Summer series as i watch them. all biased opinions ahead, so please don't flame me for what i feel.

all biased opinions are up!

posted 15 Jul,

think Hanamaru Youchien, but a more warped-up version. instead of kindergarten students, we have the Marui of triplets, sisters with warped personalities; a sadist, a perverted muscle maniac and a gloomy erotic-book lover. together, they wreck havoc in the school and terrorizes everyone in their paths.

while non of them actually falls for their new homeroom teacher (CV Shimono Hiro), their "assistance" in helping him woe the school nurse is commendable at best. in Ep1, they try to injure him in his "package" so that he can seek treatment. totally hilarious.

Sengoku Basara Season 2
continuation from Season 1 that aired last Spring. if you haven't already watched that, you really should marathon it so that you can watch Season 2. because it is way much cooler. i think the producers went out of budget just to get in all the great fight scenes.

'nuff said.

posted 09 Jul,

Seikimatsu Occult Academy
Maya (CV Hikasa Youko) returns to Waldstein Academy, better known as Occult Academy by the public, after her father, the former principal dies from unnatural causes. although she definitely has the knack for all things supernatural, she hates it because of how it caused a drift in her family due to her father's over-obsession. at the end of Ep1, she witness a time-travel on the academy rooftop and encounters a butt-naked Uchida Fumiaki (CV Mizushima Takahiro). his reason for time-travel would most likely be entwined with the academy.

this is Anime no Chikara's third project, after So-Ra-No-Wo-To and Senkou no Night Raid. while i usually don't care about these kind of things, like which production company came up with what anime series, i've been impressed with the former two series and looking forward to future Occult Academy episodes.

bringing Hikasa Youko on this project makes it the direct opposite of her Mio character in K-ON!! where she is terrified of all things supernatural. so it is really amusing (at least for me) to hear her voice the impatient and violent Maya. and finally, Koyasu-sama appears as the very badly double-chinned JK.

posted 07 Jul,

Amagami SS
my once-in-a-while female harem series. instead of just focusing on one girl, it seems that it would be in story arc style where a few episodes will be dedicated on each of the girls separately.

not much to say, except it's something different from the usual female harem series with unearthly amounts of fanservice for the guys.

Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu
AKA The Legend of the Legendary Heroes, this is an "anti-heroic" fantasy series. Ryner Lute (CV Fukuyama Jun) is the anti-hero who was asked by his best friend, Sion Astal (CV Ono Daisuke), to help search for relics of a "Legendary Hero". he is accompanied by dango-loving Ferris Eris (CV Takagaki Ayahi) and together they travel, somewhat reluctantly to do their mission.

being "anti-heroic" means, you get to see Ryner and Ferris running away from monsters and enemies more often than seeing them fight them. makes for some really funny antics though. i'm still waiting for Suwabe Junichi's character, Milan Froward, to appear.

Nurarihyon no Mago
Rikuo (once again, CV Fukuyama Jun), a human with a quarter youkai blood, is the future clan head of the Nura youkai. only, he doesn't want to inherit his grandfather, preferring to live as a normal human. the series will eventually proceed to him coming to terms with his youkai side. from then on, he sets to "reform" the youkai's by asking them to do good instead of the terrorizing the people.

sounds a little like Gokusen doesn't it. heehee. we already had a glimpse of what he looks like in his youkai-form in Ep1 (ie. pretty good-looking). there's loads of CVs involved in this series, like Hirano Aya as love-interest Kana, Horie Yui as Yuki-Onna, Hoshi Souichiro as Mezumaru, Yasumoto Hiroki as Aotabou and, Sakurai Takahiro as Kubinashi.

posted 05 Jul,

Kuroshitsuji II
an original anime story based on the same demon butler-young master contract, a new young master, Alois Trancy (CV Mizuki Nana) and his butler, Claude Faustus (CV Sakurai Takahiro) is introduced.

was alittle taken aback by how violent Alois is towards his servants, and how clingy he is to Claude. this guy has some major issues, not just because the 1st scene was of him sleeping with some geezer-looking fat old man, or his very violent tendency to his one and only female servant who nearly had her eye gorged out because he doesn't want to be stared at.

the only thing that is making me continue this is the appearance of Sebastian and Ciel towards the end of the episode. and from the episode preview, it looks like the next episode will be dedicated to them.

posted 02 Jul,

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi
a series parodying lots of fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood, it follows a group of students in the school's "fixer" club called Otogi Bank where they go around "fixing" other students' problems. nevermind that they cause more trouble while actually doing the deed.

this supposedly romance comedy has all the big seiyuu names, including Irino Miyu and Itou Shizuka as the 2 main leads. 3 of the girls from Railgun (with the exception of Satou Rina) are also in Ookami. that's not forgetting others like Kawasumi Ayako, Kugimiya Rie, Horie Yui etc.

Ep1 had them parodying Cinderella, twisted as it was, with the "prince" looking for the girl who dropped her sneaker after accidentally kicking him right smack in the face. turns out, he's masochistic and totally loves it. =/

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