Monday, 26 July 2010

Strong World on &

update 26 Jul,

english subs has been uploaded to

this is not the full version yet. only the official DVD/BD release will include the extra scenes i mentioned before.

well, all the more reason to rewatch Strong World again. HA!

posted 17 Jul,

yes, you saw it right.

the Strong World movie has been uploaded to!!

chinese subs of course.

the loading is slow as it's a 2-hour long clip, but slowly streaming it right now.

can't wait to feast my eyes on the whole movie.


update @ 1.10am

ok, so the movie was a little draggy towards the middle. either that, or i was too anxious to see the fight scenes.

and the fight scenes were good! Zoro and Sanji both used their best moves. was expecting Luffy to use his signature Bazooka move but he replaced it with a Gear 3 Axe instead.

Odacchi doesn't disappoint!

i wonder whether this movie already includes the extra scenes.


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