Sunday, 18 July 2010

One Day by The Rootless

i hope this video stays on youtube.

couldn't stop crying as i watched through this opening song. and i continued to do so for the next 10min.

random tears just kept pouring out my eyes even as i was watching through the usual introduction part. most befitting song for the Marineford arc.

and needless to say, Ep459 was good all round in terms of story pace and animation. i almost thought they wouldn't reveal Ace's father, which they did at the end of the episode.

it is definitely going to be very emotional once the real stuff hits at the end. especially once they start playing the OP in the background.

GOSH! just thinking about it is making me tear. damn you Odacchi!

update on 19 Jul,

here's some screencaps of the Strawhats from the OP.

opening 13-01

opening 13-02

opening 13-03

opening 13-04

opening 13-05

opening 13-06

opening 13-07

opening 13-08

opening 13-09

opening 13-10

opening 13-11

opening 13-17

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Fernan said...

You're right. I just had the same feelings like you when I first watched the Opening Theme Song. It's like, "oh, what a great song!" came-out from my mind. It made me sad knowing that Ace gonna die on the episode. ;(