Monday, 26 July 2010

OP Jinginai Time

long overdue post. only because i decided to wait until i get all 3 sets, which were released on separate months.

OP Jinginai Time 02

Luffione family
OP Jinginai Time 03
Don Luffione and Usotuya

Sanjino family
OP Jinginai Time 04
Don Sanjino and Choparini

Zoroscia family
OP Jinginai Time 05
Namimore, Don Zoroscia and Robita. how is it that Zoro is the one that ends up with both girls?

the group photo
OP Jinginai Time 01

the group photo with Luffy and Chopper variation
OP Jinginai Time 06
not enough space on my table means it's difficult to arrange them nicely without blocking each other.

i need to find a bigger space to block out as my photo-shoot area.

here's the video again to refresh everyone's minds.


Anonymous said...

I've been looking for these everywhere. I already ordered vol.1 and vol.3 but i still need vol.2.
Do you mind letting me know where you got them? Maybe they still have some left.

Roar Roar said...

i got mine from a shop called LaTendo in Singapore who orders direct from Japan. you can try contacting them. their link is on my sidebar.