Saturday, 1 May 2010

Strong World Episode 0 (part 2)


it's even better than i imagined!!!

even though i could only understand half of what was happening, but OMG, it was really great.

the first 3 minutes were pertaining to the Strong World movie and it made me really really ITCH to watch the movie. (i.e. Sanji looks so so yummy good!!!)

the movie is really gonna be EPIC!!!!

can't wait to watch it in its full glory.

here's a direct link for those interested.

and talking about movies, the Gurren Lagaan movies DVDs i bought from just arrived in my mailbox today! i can't wait to watch them too!

PS. i have gone over to the dark side. long story. don't ask. please do not panic if the sun comes up from the wrong side tomorrow.

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