Saturday, 1 May 2010

Reborn #182

finally, it's Hayato's turn of the inheritance test.

allow me to go into fangirling mode over Hayato and G.

G awaiting his time to start the trial.
reborn 182-01

disguising himself as Hayato while the latter went chasing after Uri.
reborn 182-02

G (Hayato) in specs! getting ready to teach Tsuna some maths.
reborn 182-03
先生! 私も教えてください!!

OMG! G (Hayato) smiling!!
reborn 182-04

Hayato being confronted by G on his reliability as Tsuna's right-hand man.
reborn 182-05

sideview of G.
reborn 182-06

reborn 182-07

G berating Hayato.
reborn 182-08

pained look.
reborn 182-09

reborn 182-10

i love G's small smiles.
reborn 182-11

determined eyes.
reborn 182-12

stating his resolution.
reborn 182-13

happy with Hayato's reply, G gives his inheritance as Guardian of Storm.
reborn 182-14

Primo speaking to G after the trial.
reborn 182-15

reborn 182-16

reminiscing about the past.
reborn 182-17

from the Monster Tamer Tsuna short story at the end of the episode.

kawaii Bandit Werecat Gokudera enjoying his fish.
reborn 182-18

expresing his thanks to Monster Tamer Tsuna.
reborn 182-19

MU-KYAA!!! kawaii!!!!
reborn 182-20

and here's another scene from the ED that i like.
Reborn ED 15-03

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