Monday, 24 May 2010

Strong World DVD release

the Strong World DVD has been set for release on 23/07/2010.

sources from Kaizoku Fansubs gave this french link. plus, it has also been listed on the One Piece Wiki page.

so i'm guessing more or less 100% confirmed.


now the only thing left is to find which of the online japanese stores are selling the DVD.

*goes snooping*

after reading through the article again with my less-than-desired japanese skills, i found (plus confirmation from ah gu) that the DVD that is going to be released is in fact NOT the Strong World movie, but instead Episode 0 + the TV specials that aired last November (Ep 426-429) about Little East Blue.


i'm crushed.

goes to show you can't really trust everything you read unless you've double or triple-checked your sources.


i'm depressed now.


update 27/05/2010,

confirmed + reliable sources says that the real movie DVD will be out in late August.

there is still hope yet!

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