Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Hakuouki Episode 08

mindless Okita fangirl-ing.

taking in abit of sun on the front porch after his bath.
hakuouki 08-01

Chizuru is worried.
hakuouki 08-02

hakuouki 08-03

taking his towel...
hakuouki 08-04

... and drying his hair for him.
hakuouki 08-05

Okita feels mothered.
hakuouki 08-06

but of course he doesn't mind.
hakuouki 08-07

telling Chizuru the mystery behind his hairstyle,
hakuouki 08-08
which is modeled after Kondo-san.

telling her to keep it a secret from the others.
hakuouki 08-09

night's out with the lovely men.
hakuouki 08-10

Heisuke and Shinpachi wants to see Chizuru in woman's clothing.
hakuouki 08-11
Chizuru is freaking out.

awaiting Chizuru's entrance.
hakuouki 08-12

she looks really uncomfortable under so much layers.
hakuouki 08-13

but the guys are mesmerized.
hakuouki 08-14

Okita likes it too.
hakuouki 08-15

and Sanosuke can't think straight.
hakuouki 08-16

Heisuke: Chizuru kawaii!
hakuouki 08-17

Chizuru enters the adjacent room to find Hijikata by the window,
hakuouki 08-18
cooling his head after drinking too much sake.

for fangirl-ing purposes, we need a close-up of his gorgeousness.
hakuouki 08-19

but of course Okita is still the cutest.
hakuouki 08-20
he even looks cute as a kid!!

Okita calls them back to the main room to continue the fun.
hakuouki 08-22

hakuouki 08-23

Sanosuke's belly-dance.
hakuouki 08-24

hakuouki 08-25

we're almost to the end of the series with just 4 more episodes.


what are the chances that they would extend it to a 24-episode series?

hope we get to see them in their military wear before the end of the series.


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