Wednesday, 10 December 2008

if there was...

...a big kinokuniya store at the new JP extension (now known as JP2), there would be no need to go down to Orchard.


the new extension is not juz HUGE, the amount of shops inside can rival 2-3 other heartland malls combined.


to name a few, there's Aussino, Four Leaves, Burger King, Challenger, Blum, Joop, M)phosis, Ding Tai Fung, Adidas, Hur, Pretty Fit, etc.

even as of now, there are still some shops that aren't opened yet. so when everything is really up and running, probably within the next week, JP is gonna be packed with loads of people.

not that it ever lacked people in the first place.

it helps that the it is also easy to walk around. no winding passages like VivoCity, just long straight rows of shops that are easy to walk about it.

so seriously, if there really was a kinokuniya in JP2, who needs to go down to Orchard.

i can't wait to go through all the shops soon!!

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