Tuesday, 16 December 2008

One Piece #378-381

in which they did Brook's past and finished up the Thriller Bark arc.

gosh, these 4 episodes had my tears running more than when i was reading the manga.

i think it's the music.

u need the music to bring out the whole effect. and the talented people who does the BGM for One Piece always manages to get the right music across.

~~yo ho ho ho ho ho ho ho~~

~~yo ho ho ho ho ho ho ho~~

next week is the start of another filler arc, which is pretty much expected by most.

One Piece usually have better fillers comparatively to the rest like Naruto or Bleach. although for the last filler arc, i only remember macho twins ice-skating like mad.

hmm, wasn't all that entertaining really.

this time, they brought back Foxy! remember him, the fox look-a-like who can slow down people's movement? well, i'm not the biggest fan, so i can only hope the filler arc wouldn't screw up.

*prays earnestly*

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