Monday, 15 December 2008


from madam (formerly known as birdy), when i told AU to welcome me to the WII club.

Welcome roar roar for officially joining Animals United WII Association Club of Singapore (AU-WACS: pronounce as 'O'~wacks ).

- Free membership for lifetime
- No monthly subscription required
- No cards required
- Free loaning of Wii buddies for your Wii training
- Enjoy 0% Interest-free loaning of games from your Wii buddies
- Festive seasons enjoy special deals like gift exchange with your Wii buddies and WIN a trip to changi broadwalk on the 27th Dec (tour guide provided) (subjected to weather conditions)
- Get a chance to recieve personal training on your Wii games from your Wii buddies (subjected the pro-level of your Wii buddies as well)
- There is also a weekly promotion, to savour your favourite drink @ your favourite coffee house with your Wii buddies (drinks and cakes are not included)
- For more promotions please stay tuned to our e-meow Animals United news group.

trust her to come up with these kind of creative ideas.

but anyway, the main point is...

~i got my WII~


and we, me and my sis each paid half, got it at a very good bargain too. well, at least better than what donny had for his. heehee...

but of course, still must thank him, who did all the negotations with the seller and setting up of the whole set in my house.

finally had the 1st Wii party at my own house last night.

i might have overdid it while playing Mario Olympics cos my arms are aching like mad now...

though i doubt i'll have much time to play these next week or so, with all the busy-ness of Christmas programs, but at least i have my Wii set now.

which reminds me...

10 days more days to Christmas!

i can't wait to go on leave after that...


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