Monday, 24 November 2008

Post AFA08

for a first time ever anime convention, i thot AFA08 was a big success.

i wouldn't say it was a huge success, cos obviously there was much more things that can be improved. but regardless, in trying to draw the crowd in, they did a pretty good job.

of course, with a finale ending of May'n on stage, it HAD to end with a huge bang. the turn-out of fanboys, and fangirls, was enormous. everyone was pushing around trying to get closer to the stage.

and as darkmirage had mentioned, her vocals were fantastic! it was great hearing her sing live, even though i had to stand all the way at the back. i may be a fangirl, but i still wouldn't pay the money to get the VIP access. *coughs*cheapskate*coughs*

thank goodness for moo moo and her 12x zoom camera! i'll probably post some of the nicer photos when i have time to go through them.

i was slightly disappointed with the variety of cosplayers too. too many people as bleach, naruto, gin-tama and vampire knight characters. or maybe i'm juz grouchy cos there was not even one who cosplayed as anyone in One Piece.

or could they be reserving their energy for next month's EOY08?

as with singaporean culture, here's some suggestions to how it could've been better:

1) better lightings; it was really difficult to take photos of the figurines and posters cos the lighting was all wrong. you'll get what i mean when i post the photos.

2) better sound system; it wasn't all that bad. or at least, it wasn't all that bad from way back. but i heard from others that it wasn't all that great up front of the stage.

3) more guests; i want my seiyuus! and maybe some mangakas?

4) proper screenings; when they said anime screenings, the least i expected was that they would screen one episode (eg. Ep1) of each series they were promoting. definitely NOT just the OP on replay mode.

5) lesser power rangers & tamagochi; seriously, i know they wanna reach out even to the kids, but still! despite having to sound like a total b*tch, i wanna stress that this is an ANIME convention, not family convention. families, please go to sentosa where it was grandparent's day on sunday, or Bookfest on 6th level.

all in all, the success of AFA08 will most likely guarantee that we will have AFA09 next year. let's hope things will be bigger and better then!

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