Thursday, 10 April 2008

thoughts on Spring 2008

oh my gosh...

the new season is just fantastic, and it had only just started. let's really hope it will continue on for the entire season.

so here's my personal, and somewhat biased (of course!) commentaries on some of the shows i'm definitely watching.

Geass was great. season 1 ended with a dramatic cliffhanger and yet, when R2 started, there was no overtly long recap session while they introduced new story plots and twists. of course, i still wanna find out what happened to that cliffhanger since it's still unresolved. but, that's what makes R2 so exciting.

the artwork is still fantastic, as our lovely CLAMP ladies are still working on them. loved the picture of lelouch in the ED, which reminds me of Kamui from X.

now, here's something i never expect.

Macross Frontier.

this is the 1st time i'm watching any macross series, even though it's been around for almost as long as gundam. and i only picked it up cos random curiosity (my fav anime blog site) gave great reviews for it. well, it's really fantastic. THE mecha series for Spring 2008! two-thumbs up!

as usual, xxxHOLIC is something i really shouldn't watch at night if i can help it. apart from the fact that i'm frightened at anything remotely ghostly/horror, this show really gets to me at night cos it's so spooky sometimes. other than that, it's still great to see a CLAMP show.

Maoh S3 is off to a slow start. i almost wished i didn't know about it until it is nearly over. i'd forgotten how slow the show can be, since i chanced upon S1 and S2 last year and basically finished all 78 episodes in a span of a few weeks. oh well, it's not off to a bad start, and i get to see more of Conrad for another 39 episodes.

for the period drama fan in me, Amatsuki is as Seirei no Moribito was to me last year. it also helps that it's set in the whole Edo-era cos i love all the olden days clothings. many mixed reviews about this show, but i'm still hopeful. since it's only gonna be 13-episode long, i'll probably be watching til the end.

Wagaya no Oinarisama seemed ok enough to continue watching. i may not like ghostly/horror shows, but throw in some spirits and demons and i'll be hooked. maybe cos i'm more into folklore and mythology. the tenko can give Ranma a run for his money, considering it can change gender as and when it likes.

and i know i probably shouldn't watch this, but Neo Angelique Abyss always have the "bishonen-galore" that can rival even Saiunkoku. looking back, i never did finish Koi suru Tenshi Angelique cos as usual, the story got really boring towards the middle. but this one caught me cos there were much more fighting scenes in the 1st episode.

though i did squirm when they did the ultra cliché female-lead-saves-everyone-with-magical-power routine. anyway, did i mention the ED is fantastic? would never have expected such a nice song on Angelique. if all else fails, meaning if the story gets way boring, at least the ED was great.

almost immediately after watching ep1 of Vampire Knight, i was searching through online manga sites for online scans. after BLOOD+, it's been quite some time since i've picked up a vampire show, so i'm looking forward to enjoying it. now i just have to decide if i should pick up the manga from kinokuniya.

i wouldn't say i was too disappointed by Special A, but neither was i particularly impressed. i thought it tried too much to follow the style of Ouran anime and failed to bring out its own flavor. but then again, when i first started reading the manga, i didn't really started liking it until 3-4 books down too. so there might still be hope yet for the anime.


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