Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Saiunkoku Monogatari withdrawal

you know that you're suffering from SaiMon withdrawal when you:

10) constantly look up "saiunkoku" on search engines and Wikipedia, hoping to find more pictures and latest news on SaiMon.

09) check out the SaiMon LJ every other day for more news and updates, at the same time reading fandom and checking out the drama/character CDs.

08) have a SaiMon wallpaper on your laptop/desktop, your mobile phone theme is SaiMon related, and you even bought a SaiMon mobile strap.

07) watched S1 &/or S2 at least twice over, and random favorite episodes at least 3-4 times.

06) managed to get your friends addicted to SaiMon, causing them to suffer from slight withdrawal too.

05) know all the character names off the top of your head, even the bad guys and super minor characters.

04) swoon everytime you find new pictures of the guys in SaiMon, and share it with your SaiMon friends.

03) are reading EVERYTHING (the light novels and manga, even though they essentially are the same), and ANYTHING (you buy all magazines that contains more pictures of SaiMon) SaiMon-related.

02) want Shuurei to end up with, and ONLY with Ryuuki, regardless of the fact that there are many other prospective suitors like Ryuuren, Ensei, Seiran and Kouyuu.

01) have finished S2 and the latest book, is suffering from withdrawal symptoms cos you're dying for the next book to come out, AND though you should be asleep at 1am, you're still wide awake typing a SaiMon withdrawal list.


SaiMon withdrawal!!!!!!!!!!


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