Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Spring 2008

i love spring season. the good shows always comes out during spring seasons. here's the list of what i'll be watching for the next 3-6 months.

the "definite-will-watch-til-the-end" shows:
1) Special A
2) Junjou Romantica
3) Kyou Kara Maoh: Season 3
4) Code Geass: Season 2
5) xxxHOLIC: Season 2

the "have-to-watch-a-few-episodes-before-deciding" shows:
1) Vampire Knights
2) Nabari no Ou
3) Monochrome Factor
4) Soul Eater
5) Toshokan Sensou
6) Crystal Blaze
7) Wagaya no Oinarisama
8) Allison & Lilia
9) Tower of Druaga
10) Blassreiter
11) Amatsuki
12) Neo Angelique Abyss
13) Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

the start of Spring also marked the end of Gundam 00, Aria the Origination, Dragonaut, Spice and Wolf, and Hatenkou Yuugi.

personally, i only wished for Aria to have a longer season, since G00 is gonna come back for its 2nd season in fall 2008 anyway. my fingers are still crossed, hoping they'll have a final season to wrap up the manga serialization that just ended in feb.

with last week's MC, i've finally caught up with the anime for D.Gray-Man and Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn, both of which are at exciting parts now.

especially Reborn, since they've just started the Future Arc and we get to see the grown-up versions of Hayato and Yamamoto, amongst other characters. i should really continue to buy the manga for both series.

remember how i was commenting on Gurren Lagann a few months back?
well, it is really truly the best anime series of 2007.

the adrenaline rush was throughout the entire 27 episodes. i haven't seen an anime so intense before. the story pace was fast, yet it still managed to capture even the smallest emotional scenes well.

and guess what?
there's gonna be a movie in fall 2008!

wisdom tooth: the aftermath

went to take out my stitches today. bloody hell, the dentist was super rough. it took him 2-3 tries before he could remove the stitches. i'm never going back to him again!

super random quirks:
read this somewhere yesterday, and in case u're asked not to curse, eg. "what the hell??!!"

"hell" is not a curse word. it’s a place.

heehee. thought it was a rather creative answer.

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