Sunday, 27 April 2008

more thoughts on Spring 2008

finally, the continuation on my previous previous post on Spring 2008...

it seems that now, everyone wants to redefine the job of a shinigami, including soul eater. isn't it not too long ago that the only job a shinigami does is to lead people's spirits to the other world or something like that? now, they're in-charge of fighting all sorts of creatures and capturing evil souls to level-up their deathscythes.

the first 3 episodes were used to introduce the 3 pairs of shinigamis-deathscythes. we shall see how the story officially starts from ep4 onwards. if they continue all the action, plus the comedy side, it'll definitely hook me 'til the end.

if anyone is looking for another ninja anime to pick up, beside naruto, nabari no ou is for you. more drama, more ninja history, and definitely more "ewwww" factor. ep3 already had limbs twisted and blood gushing scenes. aside from the male lead being voiced by Kugimiya Rie, which i'm not used to since she has quite a very childish voice, everything else seemed good enough for me to continue watching.

toshokan sensou came from the same people that gave us Honey and Clover, so you can expect fantastic production quality. the story plot is alittle hard to take in, since it's set in a (futuristic?) japan where the government is controlling the media and there's an library army that is opposing them. somehow, the male lead, Doujo, reminds me of Sousuke from FMP. hmm...

if you like to watch some boy-love anime this season, junjou romantica is just for you. similar to soul eater, it has 3 couples, all interlinked, and the story will be each couple taking 1-2 episodes each before changing to the next. as it is, ep3 has introduced the 2nd couple, which is my favorite among the 3.

i've read the manga. it is explicit, but if you can push that aside, the story is actually very good. of course, as much as they're showing this after midnight, they had to downplay most of the BL scenes. which is fine, since i'm more interested in the story plot. it's a long show, 26 episodes, so i'm think they'll probably stop very near to where the manga is still serializing in the magazine.

monochrome factor, crystal blaze, druaga are the last 3 on my list. which also means they don't take much priority within the week as i'll prefer to just watch a few episodes in a single sitting. and the probability of dropping them half-way through the season is pretty high too.

well, i'll see as it goes.

and please allow me rave again about Geass.


it is really, truly a fantastic show. every week just leaves you suspended with so much excitement. Sunrise really outdid themselves and hopefully they'll continue to entertain us throughout the entire series.

i need to emphasis again on the wonderful drawings in the ED. yes, i know i already did, but seriously, if there's a CLAMP-only Geass artbook, i'll definitely buy it! it's just too pretty!!!

Fukuyama Jun and Sakurai Takahiro are THE most sought-after seiyuus for Spring 2008. Both of them have 3 or more main lead roles (FJ as Code Geass' Lelouch, xxxHOLIC's Watanuki, S.A.'s Kei, Amatsuki's Rikugo Tokidoki; ST as Code Geass' Suzaku, Maoh's Yuuri, Junjou's Misaki) in the new series.

and that's not even counting them as supporting cast in the new shows and those that are still on-going currently.

did anyone try to count the number of times i used the word "fantastic" for Spring 2008. i bet it's way past its usage limit.

so sue me. =p

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