Tuesday, 4 October 2005

Tiring work

Its a tough job unpacking 24 pepsi caps and fixing them up. It took me 1hr ++ to do it. + the chimagores to stick the small rods intending to support the figures.

I slept at 3....

Part of my extensive GS/GSD collection

Yes I finally arranged my comics. And found dat.. MY SHELVES NOT ENUFF!!!

Shitte! U see the picture. Its the bottom part of the cupboard on top of my table. The top part is still stuffed full with dragonballs and wat not. 2 rows! And it made the shelf sag (Cant find a better word..). My the other similar cupboard is crammed full.

I shall take a pic of my bookshelf tonight. With the messy CDs below.

As promised..

My sagging shelf

The other one stuffed full of comics and Hello Kitties

The IKEA shelf. I could have put all my comics here if the hifi and CDs wasnt there. One shelf can put abt 100++ comics like dat.

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