Thursday, 20 October 2005

"X" hair

The story of my "X" hair (- -")

yup...i am finally blogging's how the whole thing goes...

After a night(rather morning) at Geylang to eat "dao huay" and "dim sum", i flop onto my bed and concussed till 11am then picked myself up to go polyclinic to see doc for my "molely".

The doc session ended at ard 12pm and I was thinking what should I do since I am so wide awake. Sunshine plaza was the 1st thought that came to my mind so there I was happily travelling down to PS.

*fast forward*

At PS, decided to walk and get some food 1st before going to Sunshine Plaza (bad decision)...
I walk pass Kimage...

"oh kimage, hmm...huizhen suggest I go Bugis budden I very lazy now...hmm...maybe I ask her PS okay or not"

Huizhen reply "not sure abt PS, coz' didnt go there before..." (something like dat coz' i deleted the sms...)

"hmm....aiya...since I already here...can try...then can also tell the rest good or not after trying..."

and then I step in....(The beginning of a tragedy)

there was a guy at the entrance and ask me..."so what would you like to do?"

"hmm...i want to cut my hair"

"ok, do you want select our leading or master hairstylist?"

"Is there any difference?"

"leading holds 5-8 yrs of experience, master holds 10-20yr of experience"

thinking that there wasnt any difference..."er...anything will do..."

the master came.... giving probably the best service in the world (gave my tea lah...biscuits lah...and even open the sweet wrapper for me...)

i told him i want to do something abt my hair coz it looks funny...

he looks at my hair...and suggested I do rebonding...without thinking much i said ok....since he is the professional mah....(and i tot market price is abt $150?)

*fast forward after 2.5 hrs...rebonding and treatment*

I look at the mirror....looks exactly like a doll...and a school kid....very funny....especially with my fringe...

I ask him can trim to make it look not so "gi-na"...he say do highlight wont look so kiddish....i said okay since color also quite common...

instead of doing just a single highlight, he did a 2 color dye...

*fast forward 2 hr later*

while washing he say help me hair mask (not sure what is that either, i said ok).....after that he started triming my hair while doing that he talk about the products they are offering and showed me the products after the trim....saying it will help protect the rebonding......and after everything...he ask me to sign up for the membership that it will give me discount after signing up which will help me save about $50 dollars by which the member is $28 so i thought "okay ah since it is still cheaper and I can pass the card to my friends and family use..."

When I was about to pay, at the counter there were 4 person standing there smiling at me...
I tot "The people are very nice and friendly...very good service also...can ask MoO MoO to try here next time..."

When they showed me the bill...i got a shock xia... $540 after the discounts and stuffs....

Breakdown of the receipt:
Rebonding package - $300 (mine considered long hair and i think including the treatments)
Color - $210
Shampoo and conditional - $56
Membership - $28
Discount 10%
Total: ard $540

Thats how it ended up to be my "X" hair now.... (if I am hungry this month...i will probably just eat my is even more expensive then eating grass ($500 fine) in Singapore....)....(- -")

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