Thursday, 23 December 2010

OP Proclamation of Freedom

finally had time to snap a few photos of this set.

OP promise of freedom 01
1st row (L to R); Buggy, "Diamond" Jozu, Marco the Phoenix, Luffy, Shanks, 7yr-Luffy
2nd row (L to R); Smoker, Tashigi, Sengoku, Hina, 7yr-Luffy variant, 10yr-Ace

OP promise of freedom 02
the young brothers.

OP promise of freedom 03
Luffy with Shanks.

the anime is almost at the end of the Marineford arc.


that means, the childhood story is coming up soon.

that also means, lots of tears will be shed.


リサ said...

Someone gave me this whole set as a gift too.. You seem to have lots of One Piece stuff. I am jealous!

Where do you get your stuff? As I saw you even have the Obahan ones.

Lastly, I am a big fan of Sanji too. I miss Sanji in the anime. Come back quick!

Roar Roar said...

oh! Sanji fan! welcome~

get most of my stuff from Latendo down at Funan mall. and occasionally a few sets here and there when i went to taiwan and of course, japan last year.

would be hard to get alot of the older sets now if you want to start any collections as most of them are pretty much sold out except on ebay.

リサ said...

I have been resisting to buy a lot of One Piece merchandise, because I know if I start, I will never stop. So I only bought some of the gashapon stuff which are generally inexpensive. However, ever since reading the manga and the crew have since reunited, I feel like getting something to commemorate. LOL Maybe I should drop by Latendo soon~